Non Destructive Testing
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Purpose of NDT

To ascertain quality, strength and condition of various structural members in existing building.

To assess damage of the building resulting from excessive loads, fire, weathering effect, abnormal exposure condition, aggressive environment, corrosion of steel, lack of maintenance or due to natural calamities like earthquake, cyclone, heavy rain, flooding, etc.

For preparing as-built record and condition mapping of the building with reference to strength and quality of concrete and distribution of reinforcement for each structural member.

For Quality Assurance and Quality Control of ongoing construction by ascertaining in-situ strength, quality and condition of concrete. To verify the position, diameter and cover to embedded reinforcement.

For upgradation of structural capacity of the building.
To determine the stripping time of formwork for concrete members.

To obtain various in-situ parameters like strength, modulus of elasticity, quality, location, diameter and cover to reinforcement, depth of carbonation, chloride content, core strength of concrete, vibrations of buildings, crack depth penetration, etc.

For understanding dynamic behavior of buildings by measuring vibration parameters like amplitude of displacement, velocity and acceleration.

To know the potentiality of reinforcement corrosion in the concrete.
To evaluate the repair / strengthening work by comparing pre-repair and post-repair test results.
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